Estimating, Labor Burden, and Cost of Goods Sold

what is fully burdened labor rate

For example, in states such as California worker’s compensation rates alone can be as high as 15% of gross wages alone. For example, will you keep all labor-related costs in your overhead? As we’ve outlined so far, those indirect costs are necessary running your construction business and will certainly impact your company’s profit margins and final sales price.

  • MaineIT’s fully burdened rate is calculated based on the average personnel payroll costs by Job Class Code plus the estimated ‘All Other’ costs by resource type.
  • The key point here is to account for your payroll taxes and benefits just once when you quote a job.
  • These rates are only used when the Payroll Department is set to charge the job using standard rates.
  • In this article, we cover how to calculate construction job costs and share tips on how to steamline your job costing process.
  • Busybusy’s time tracking software gives better insight into employee costs, site productivity, and overall job costs.

The most difficult part of calculating burden rate is deciding what to include in the burden cost calculation. When counting only labor costs in pricing, it might only account for 20% of the project cost, but if you include the labor burden costs, it will account for anywhere between 30% to 40% of the total cost. Now we have the total working hours and the total production hours.

What You Need to Know About Burden Rates

However, because fringe benefits can help you attract and retain good workers, you may offer the basics such as paid vacation and sick time if your finances are limited. In this case, the employee’s annual labor cost is $31,200. But let’s say an employer spends an additional $8,000 on that employee throughout the year. Now, divide $39,200 by the number of hours the employee will actually work in a year to calculate the true hourly rate of that employee. In this example, the total hourly cost of that employee is closer to $20 per hour. You charge per hour for labor must be based on true billable hours. Then add labor burden to find total cost for each employee.

What Are The Benefits of Knowing Your Labor Burden Rate?

Burden Rate is vital when reporting a company’s full cost of labor. It’s especially useful to businesses who may need to consider laying off employees or need to change their operation for other low-cost labor sources. 

When calculated for inventory the burden rate helps by highlighting how much it takes to produce a product. It can help decide the minimum amount that the product should be priced to sell based on the total cost it takes to manufacture it.

Let’s assume an unemployment insurance rate of 4 percent of total wages ($41,600 x .04), or $1,664 per year. The employer’s share of federal payroll taxes are 7.65 percent of pay (41,600 x .0765), or $3,182 per year. Cost of goods sold – an accounting term for the costs paid to build all projects over a given period of time, such as last month, last year, or current year-to-date. Understanding Labor Burden, as applied to the direct hourly cost of your billable labor (Technicians, Engineers, Programmers, Project Managers, etc.), may just change your business. ExakTime, an Arcoro product, offers function-rich mobile time tracking, rugged onsite time clocks and kiosk solutions that are cost-effective and user-friendly.


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We can calculate the labor burden rate as a percentage of the total working hours against the total production hours. Labor burden cost is important to compute what is fully burdened labor rate and understand because it includes a variety of significant costs that are often viewed as company overhead, but are in fact, costs related to employment.

Computing ANNUAL BILLING RATES & DIFFERENCES for Multiple Employees in a Specific Position

Maybe you know they spend an average of 15 minutes a day standing in line at a supplier. If you don’t include travel time in your estimates, then travel time is “not on the job” time and needs to be deducted here. The goal is to get down to only the hours that are actually spent working on a job. Depending on the labor costs of your employees, the percentage of your labor costs will vary. Construction job costing is essential for accurate bidding and making a profit. In this article, we cover how to calculate construction job costs and share tips on how to steamline your job costing process. The association of burden with inventory is required by the accounting standards , so that the full cost of inventory is reported in a company’s balance sheet.

what is fully burdened labor rate

Business owners can use their fully burdened costs to determine how much it really costs to employ someone or produce a particular item. This means for every dollar you spend on wages, you incur $0.25 in overhead costs for your graphic designers and $0.27 in overhead costs for your copywriters. This may influence which products we review and write about , but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. Burden rates change because of health insurance increases, pension fund contributions, and fluctuations in other union agreements’ contributions.

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